Sailing the Mad Max, Unveiling the New Vans, and Inhaling Ice Cream

We woke up this morning with a desire for wind blowing through our hair, sun beating down on our body, and amazing landscapes to look at. What better way is there to fulfill this desire than a trip on the Mad Max catamaran??? 

Some of us decided that a land-based outing sounded like more fun, so a few friends ate lunch in Edgartown.

To get to Edgartown, we took our NEW VANS!!! Check out Mike and Jack posing in front of them.

After we got back to camp, Jojo and Sully must’ve thought we all looked a bit aimless, because they gave us lists and lists of things to do! We were a bit annoyed until we read the list are realized that, they weren’t asking us to do more chores, they had actually planned a SCAVENGER HUNT! We wandered around Vineyard Haven asking strangers to tell us jokes, rolling down Owen Park hill, and doing other silly activities.

When we finished the scavenger hunt list, we were rewarded with ICE CREAM!!!Gyre and Gimble decided to tackle the Pig’s Delight, a Mad Martha’s specialty that comes with 2 bananas, 12 scoops of ice cream, and 5 toppings!

We went to bed with a smile on our face and dairy in our bellies, looking forward to another amazing day tomorrow.




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