Beach day! Hallelujah!

GOOD MORNING CAMP JABBERWOCKY!!!! We were all in the mood to give thanks when we woke up this morning, realizing being at camp wasn’t a dream, so we headed down to Grace Church for morning mass.

After church, we returned to camp for lunch and then it was time to load the red bus and head to…..


Everyone dashed down the boardwalk, more than excited to spend some time in the sun!

Before we could start splashing around, we decided that it was probably a good idea to put on some sunscreen.

We had an amazing time hanging out with friends, playing in the water, and soaking up some rays.

  Lifeguard David on duty!   When all of us returned back to camp, we showered and spent some time bonding with our friends on swings, hammocks, and at all of our other favorite spots around camp. Dan and Wallis must have put something in the mac and cheese, because after dinner, lots of us decided that it was time to start prom-posals!

Myles I. and Melissa!   Jason and Kate!Jake F. and Lauren!George and Adrianne!

When the mac and cheese magic wore off and people stopped prom-posing, we stayed in the main cabin for CHALLENGE NIGHT! There were many epic battles including sing-offs, dance battles, a macarena tournament, a rap battle, a tongue-twister competition, a massage competition, and many, MANY, more.

Cathy D held a competition for her prom date:

After all the playful battles we headed for bed, looking forward not only to another peaceful sleep, but also the first day of classes tomorrow!



P.S. Check out Skye’s new hat!


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