Just Beachin’ It!

Just Beachin’ It!

Hey Friends! We had a blast at camp together today and we’re pumped to tell you about it!

First up on the schedule was morning classes.

Madeline hosted art class this morning and we made nail and string art!

Kirk worked on a mug in the pottery cabin for art class this morning.

Bekah, Maggie, Jenna, Katya, Chris, and Robby spent the morning aboard the camp boat.

We loved learning to play disc golf yesterday so we got out the gear for another round this morning.

After lunch we rested and relaxed around camp. Bekah, Maggie, Avery, and Stacey snuggled up on hammocks.

Chris rested on the porch swing.

And Joey played a game of Jenga!

After morning classes, lunch, and rest, we hopped on the red but and spent the afternoon at the beach!

Ronnie had a few lifeguard assistants at the beach this afternoon!

For dinner, we had a Thanksgiving feast with turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and salad.

After dinner we enjoyed illumination night together, but this week we stepped it up to include ~themes~!

Some of our themes were: space, Disney princesses, and trolls.

And of course, our illumination walk led us to the back door of the kitchen for Back Door Donuts!

Stacey, Gracie, and Avery loveeee dental hygiene.

And Robby was so pumped for our day tomorrow that he got a head start on writing up the schedule. We’re soooo ready for another great day with our very best friends!!




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