Going out with a SPLASH!

We made this last full day of Family Camp (and all of camp eek) really count! This morning, the alpacas came back for one last hurrah and so we could all give them plenty of hugs goodbye!

Then we loaded up the Red Bus to check out Edgartown and to go on the Mad Max catamaran! The Mad Max is great because we can nap, tan, chat, and drink coffee… all at the same time!

We made some new friends who had a giant slide on their yacht and they decided to just donate the yacht to us! Just kidding, we waved at them though and chanted “SLIDE” a lot until they slid down, so basically the same thing! (If you happen to be reading this and have an extra yacht lying around, hit us up).

After the Mad Max, we ate lunch at the pier and watched the Chappy Ferry chug back and forth, then we walked around Edgartown in search of souvenirs and dessert.

When we got back to Camp, it was almost time to say LATER GATORS to the parents and to really have some fun!!

We ate some chicken nuggets (cooked to a safe temperature and checked by our wonderful chefs) and then we enjoyed some ice cream and ice cream CAKE made by the Charrons and headed on down to the studio!

Noah emceed a studio night, and there was lots of singing, dancing, joke-telling, and piano playing!

Meanwhile, the parents hung out and ate some Scottish Bakehouse takeout at the beach, which I GUESS sounds pretty fun. 

Anyway, tomorrow we will cry and hug and nap and clean and start to process the incredible summer we have all had!! But first, we get to snuggle in bed and dream about all the socks we have lost and ice cream we have eaten.




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