Can’t Com-plane!

Today we split up camp and sent them along on many different adventures, keeping our day filled with fun. Oh, you thought because we’ve had two plays AND a wedding in the past 3 days that we were going to take it easy??

Apologies ahead of time of the short blog post: we had so much fun today that we (me) forgot to charge our cameras (sorry)! Quality over quantity though, right?!?

A small group of people went to the Katama Airfield to ride some bi-planes! Unfortunately the weather didn’t allow for it, but we still got to hang out with our friends and check out some cool planes!

Some of us went to Jake’s dad’s house to pick blueberries!! Thank you Palches family!

A few friends went on a loooong bike ride!

Then we went to the beach!

We attempted to answer the age-old question: how many Men of Jabberwocky can we fit on a raft???

Arthur, an old friend of camp came to visit! He also told us a gnarly story about throwing up onto a grill… DIRECTLY before we ate lunch.

Then we went to town!

Aaaaaannnndddd that’s it! The good news is that tomorrow we have a day so jam-packed with fun activities and different trips that it’ll be hard NOT to take any pictures.




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