Third time’s the charm!

It’s the first day of the THIRD family camp session today!!! We welcomed BACK 9 families who joined us last summer, and man oh man are we so excited to see their faces again, plus some new faces LIKE THIS ADORABLE BABY THAT THE RIVERAS HAD THIS YEAR (and that Liza might steal…)

We spent the afternoon getting settled, reuniting with old friends, showing off some dancing, singing, and whistling talents, getting manicures, and doing some tie dye!

For dinner and dessert, we did our traditional (this summer, at least) first-night-of-family-camp Thanksgiving dinner and ice cream trek, but before ice cream we added another dessert to celebrate Ramana’s birthday TODAY and Jane’s birthday TOMORROW and also the anniversary TODAY of Doreen and Ayoola!

Tomorrow we’ve got a full day of classes and the beach, so we gotta sleep off this sugar rush and get ready for the best Labor Day weekend ever!





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