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Gooooood afternoooooon fans of Camp Jabberwocky!

Apologies for the delay in posting- we’ve been too busy having fun that we didn’t have time to tell you about it!

Here’s the low down for what we’ve been up to the past couple days.

On Friday, we woke up and sent a crew of intrepid writers to a workshop in Chilmark, where everyone wrote their take on a prompt: “The hardest part is…”

While these writers were working on the next great American novel, there was a crew of people who got to go on a Bus Tour of Martha’s Vineyard! We didn’t even have to bring our own bus, because the tour company had an accessible one for us!

And THEN there was a group of people who stayed back and had a sign language class taught by Colleen! We learned important words such as “eat, sleep, bathroom” and then some silly words, too.

We all regrouped after lunch and thought about our next moves. Some people wanted to take things easy, so we had a luxurious spa afternoon, including avocado masks, nails, massage, and foot soaking!

Others wanted something a little more lively, so Juan taught a master class in self defense and karate, Sam taught some tennis, and Jason went on a bike ride.

Scott got to practice on a new device!

After all these activities, we ate a delicious and hearty meal of chili from Dan and Wallis, and then sweat it all out through our pores when we went to our first dance of the summer!! Spoon Cosby was the life of the party.

So that was Friday!

… AND THEN SATURDAY HAPPENED! Which you will hear about later, stay tuned!




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