Pancakes, Paddleboarding, and Paella!!

Maaaan what a day! We started this morning with a bang by going to ArtCliff Diner, who opened specially for Jabberwocky on a Wednesday! We loved stuffing our faces full of pancakes and strong coffee, thank you so much ArtCliff!!

After fueling up, some of us hung around camp for some classes and another group went over to try some horseback riding!

By the time we got back together for lunch, it was a real scorchah of a day, so we hauled it to the beach ASAP to do some paddleboarding with The Revelry!

Eugenia was practicing some paddleboard yoga! It was very impressive, almost as impressive as when she lost and then FOUND her sunglasses in the ocean!

After paddleboarding, parents loaded up and headed to enjoy some paella on Lobsterville Beach while everyone back at Camp enjoyed some mac n cheese, cupcakes, slime, and Hercules!

It was a wonderful day and a late evening, and we will definitely be sad to say goodbye to all these incredible families tomorrow morning!




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