Birthdays and Picnics!

Today we celebrated two birthdays at camp! Happy birthday to Richard and Chris M. We are so very lucky to have you at Camp Jabberwocky and love celebrating every summer with you! This morning a few cabins went out to breakfast at the Black Dog Cafe for birthday celebrations where many delicious pancakes and other breakfast foods were consume.

Happy birthday Richard!

Happy birthday Chris Michaud!

After morning classes and lunch, we packed up for a quick beach trip. At the beach, we enjoyed chocolate birthday cake for Richard and Chris! Cake at the beach may be a first for Camp Jabberwocky! What a treat!

After the beach, we got ready to load up the bus and head to Oak Bluffs. Half of camp went on the Skipper boat to fish while others had a picnic with pizza in town and had ice cream and shopped!

Today was a busy day full of celebrations. Tomorrow brings more beach time, a special Pirate Adventure trip, and a concert at the Tabernacle!


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