Gone Fishing! (and paddleboarding and alpaca petting and dancing)

FIRST things first, here are some pictures of alpacas that we didn’t post yesterday… bask in the glory of the alpacas and their fancy necklaces.

Now that we’ve gotten our fill of alpacas, we can get to today!

Yesterday morning, there were tons of people up before the bell. Everyone must have been either tired from the day before or way too cozy in their beds because it took a couple bells and a lot of yelling to get everyone to breakfast and to their breakfast chores!

Once everyone finally got up, we loaded up a group to head out onto the Skipper to go medium-sea fishing (as opposed to deep-sea). The fish were definitely biting this morning, and everyone got to experience the joys of fishing, catching, and releasing! Some were braver than others when it came to touching/poking/releasing the fish, and some were preferring to chill and catch a few rays while others manned the fishing poles.

Check out all these dads in hats (including Emily)

The rest of the group opted for a more land-based activity, so they headed into Oak Bluffs for some arcade games, candy, and shopping!

Everyone rejoined for lunch, and then it was STRAIGHT to the beach to try out some sweet new paddleboards from The Revelry! These paddleboards are basically like catamarans, so they were nice and sturdy for all of us to climb aboard and paddle around. Thank you so much Savannah and Tyler for all your help!

After paddleboarding, we filled up on some incredible Mac and cheese from Jane and David and then kicked out ALL the parents and forced them to go hang out on a beach and eat paella so we could have some REAL fun back at Camp! We had an ice cream party and a wonderful studio night emceed by Morty that turned quickly into a dance party!

Now it’s off to bed before a big day of travel, changeover, and more excitement!




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