First Day of August Camp 2017!

July 23rd, 2017 will go down in the books as one of the most fun days in Camp Jabberwocky history! Today marked the first day of August camp 2017, and we were never short of smiles. The day began with camp’s counselors
and staff meeting the campers at the ferry, there was amazing reunition’s and beautiful first meetings as well!

After picking everyone up from camp we had a super yummy lunch of grilled cheeses but the real fun began when we loaded the buses and vans and headed over to the annual Camp Jabberwocky Fishing Derby! The Vineyard Rod and Gun club so kindly dedicated their afternoon to helping us all fish, have snacks and spend time in the sun. Lots of campers caught fish and everyone had so much fun, it was a perfect first activity for this session.

If you somehow thought the fun would stop there, you’d be terribly wrong. We came back to camp after fishing, got cleaned up and ate a delicious dinner of chicken and veggies (shout out to Patty and the kitchen team!) then we loaded up and hit the road yet again to go to Oak Bluffs and watch the band concert! It was pretty chilly outside but a lot of us still managed to bear the cold for some ice cream and live music. There’s nothing like watching the sun set with 70 of your best friends whilst listening/dancing to great music, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s safe to say we’re all pretty exhausted from such super-busy and super-fun day. Once we got back to camp the PJ’s were put on, the teeth were brushed and the covers were tucked in. Despite how tired we all are, it’s also easy to say that it’s a little hard to sleep tonight because we’re all so excited for what is to come tomorrow as well as the next two weeks of camp. I will leave you all with a quote from Alice in Wonderland’s beloved Cheshire Cat, “Every adventure requires a first step.” Today we took more than a step into adventure; we took leaps and bounds, and we can’t wait to share the rest of the phenomenal fun we’re going to have in the days to come!


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