Day 2: Wacky Wednesday

Onto another day! But, before we begin…

For all those interested in joining us for a good laugh — YOU are invited to our play, The Princess Bride, next Monday night (8/6)! We are all working very hard to put on this special showing and would love to have you join us!

This morning we woke to hot chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes, which we stuffed into our mouths until our hearts were content. Instead of classes in the morning, we decided to go bowling at the Barn Bowl & Bistro. We ended up moving our classes to the evening… and hence, you could say that today’s schedule turned out upside down… call it wacky, perhaps?

After an appetizing lunch of grilled cheese, we loaded the big red bus and headed to (you guessed it) the beach! But this wasn’t exactly your typical beach day; a group of students from Beacon Academy who had donated their time towards a community service project for us this past spring were there to hang out and ride the waves with us! It was great being able to see them all again, and for some, to meet them for the first time.

Then it was time to return to camp for dinner, which consisted of chili, rice, cornbread, peanut butter chocolate bars, and more. To finish off our day backwards as planned, we split off into 3 groups and rotated through classes. With the big day just around the corner, all our classes were centered around the play: poster-making, music to perform, and script reviews! 

Now back to more preparations! We’ll be back soon!




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