A Frabjous Family Camp Day!


We put on our finest silly hats, headed to the ferry, and welcomed a whole bunch of smiling faces this afternoon for the start of the first Family Camp of the summer! There were lots of familiar (though a year older!) faces and lots of new exciting friends!

Everyone headed back to camp, unpacked, and claimed their bunk, then a large gang of kids under 10 years old formed and ran off into the woods and we might never see them again… more on that later.

Everyone else grouped together for some bonding activities courtesy of our friends from New England Disabled Sports (yay welcome back!!), followed by a full Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Jane and David, our board-member-and-gourmet-chef duo!

Right after dinner, we headed down to the archery field with NEDS to do some adaptive archery and see how many bullseyes and mosquitos we could hit.

One family may be the founding members of Emily’s Entourage, but they are also famously known as Annie’s Paparazzi…

As it started to get too dark for archery, it was the perfect amount of light to walk into town for some ice cream!! The gang of small children heard the call for ice cream and emerged to briefly rejoin their families, all in the name of cookie dough and rainbow sprinkles.

Then we headed back to shower and head to bed to rest up for a big full day of Camp tomorrow!!




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