Day 6: Let’s Sing, Let’s Dance, Let’s March!

As we woke to the sound of the bell echoing through the grounds this morning, we rushed to the main cabin to stuff our faces with sweet blueberry pancakes fresh off the hot griddle. Today was Sunday, so some of us also went to church. At 9, we gathered in the studio for some lively karaoke and dancing!

all dressed in our Sunday best! 

Tori conducted a class entitled Directing Your Own Care, in which she shared her ideas on communicating personal needs through hands on demonstrations.

Tori, explaining how to ask for water without using verbal languageSin

Some campers also experimented with clay, paint, puzzles… wait, even arrows?

At lunch, we ate a delicious variety of sandwiches and wraps. Then it was time for an afternoon in the sand!

After we finished riding the waves, we headed back to camp to shower and indulge in a dinner of pizza, salad, and double chocolatey oreo cakes (yum!!). We concluded the evening with a band concert in Oak Bluffs; some of us also grabbed ice cream and milkshakes along the way.

Around and around the gazebo… here we go!

Thanks for tuning in. Let’s catch up again tomorrow night!





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