A little face-rubbing, a little golfing, and a whole lot of ice cream.


 It seems like just yesterday was the first day of camp, but somehow change-over day is upon us.

We lost some friends…

But gained some new ones!!

Hi Bethie!

Hi Holly and Sophie!

Hi Jon and Sue!

Hi Skylar!

Hi Dom!

As others were loading the boat, some of our pros went horseback riding!

There were also classes for everyone who stayed back…

Like art!

There was also a “Rub Your Face In It” class.

Hannah brainstormed some ideas, and everyone took turns (literally) rubbing their face in it!

Like Sage’s hair! It is good to rub your face in.

And whipped cream! It is also good to rub your face in! Skye strongly agrees.

Hi Lev! Welcome to camp! Here’s a pie to the face.

Everyone welcome Te, July camp’s newest addition!

And Morgan!

P.S, Keenan broke a bench today. 

For our afternoon activity, camp split up. Half of us screamed for Mad Martha’s ice cream.

The other half went golfing with Dr. Steve!

Chloe reminding us all to stay hydrated. Thanks Chloe!

There was a little friendly competition between cabins in a putt-off!

Nancy and Kara fight for Bandersnatch’s honor.

A little pre-putting workout to get the blood moving and intimidate the competition. Smart move, Jojo.

And Sam Wood brings home the win for Momeraths! Congratulations Sam!

And the golfers finished off the night with some (more) ice cream. Now we must soothe our vocal cords and stretch our dancing legs in preparation for Studio Night tomorrow.




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