Drumming! Dancing! DIY-ing!

Today was so filled with activities, we don’t even know where to start. In the morning, a group went back to the South Mountain woodshop to make our own stained glass windows!

This is also the company that’s doing the main cabin renovations over the winter! They showed us the proposed designs and we LOVE IT!!!

1/3rd of the group was wearing Red Sox apparel! 

Thank you for inviting us to your workshop to make some beautiful art!

Another amazing, exciting thing happened today: the Impossible Dream, a FULLY HANDICAP-ACCESSIBLE BOAT, came to Martha’s Vineyard!!!! They usually come to the island later in the summer, but they came TODAY and we are so excited!!

Happy campers all around!

This was our crew: there was even a DOG, so you know we were happy.

Juan came out repping his Team Kman shirt, in support of our friend Keenan. We miss you Keenan!

ANOTHER exciting thing happened after lunch: a local dance company, The Yard, came to teach a dance workshop today! We did silly things like make shapes with our bodies, played “Musical Dots on the Ground”, and had an absurd amount of fun. Thank you The Yard! Come back soon please!

Tonight we had our final installment of drumming on the beach!

A few brave souls braved the cold water, but even Marie agreed that it was slightly too chilly to stay in.

Oh look, an unsuspecting Skye just hanging out in the water…

…is sneak-attacked by a wild Kara. The prankster is being pranked!

Our lifeguards on duty!

We swam…

We ate…

And we DANCED.

The rain chased us off of the beach, but we still had an amazing day regardless. Now we sleep, dreaming about funky dance moves and the extra smores we snuck after dinner (no idea who would’ve done such a thing. Definitely not me, Jojo).




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