Day 3: Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

Day 3: Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

Attention all campers arriving next week: Please arrive at Wood’s Hole by 10 AM. We are counting down the minutes until you get here and cannot wait to see you!!

Now onto day three…

At breakfast we had a lovely surprise when Claire presented a large box of bracelets, which she had been making over the course of the past year, so that every camper and counselor alike could sport her jewelry.

Afterwards, all the campers headed down to the studio for a special class focusing on our music for the play. Word on the street is Camp Jabberwocky is getting pretty good, with the help of our music gurus and vocal savvy counselors.

(Announcements wouldn’t be the same without a song from Stephanie!)

(Don’t forget about Baby Gaga!)

It all began with play practice, arts and crafts, and kickball/archery to round out the morning. A small group also galloped through the morning on horseback thanks to our friends at Misty Meadows. We worked up an appetite for our meal with the Sharks…

No! Not real sharks… the Vineyard sharks! We gathered on the hardtop and shared a picnic of pizza, salad, and great conversation:

The bright, sunny day had its begging for the beach, so we packed up the vans and the big red bus and enjoyed an afternoon in the sun:

When we arrived back at camp, we found ourselves celebrating Thanksgiving (yes, in August!) with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and extra gravy, corn, string bean casserole, dinner rolls, and cranberry sauce! On top of our Thanksgiving dinner, we also celebrated James Brown’s 20th birthday! Oh frabjous day! There was so much yummy apple crisp and ice cream to share! 

And we were off to see the Sharks again, but this time, in their natural habitat… the baseball field! We got in on the action at the top of the 6th inning and ran the bases ourselves:

What a great end to our day! See you tomorrow for another fun one.






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