Dearly Beloved:

Wow!! What a day we had! Whoever said camp calms down after the play ends was seriously misguided. This morning we slept in a little bit and we put all our costumes away. We also decorated cakes for the event of the year…MATT & KELSEY’S WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready for the amount of beauty and love that happened this afternoon!? Brace yourselves.

Look!! It’s baby Kelsey in Skylar’s album!

Sam Wood and George were ushers in the wedding.

The bridal party walked out of the red bus. Hi Maggie and Michelle! 

There she is!!! Raise your hand if you cried.

Ryno kicked back.

Look at this AMAZING lineup of camp friends! Yeah Mike! Yeah George! Yeah Sam Wood and Sam Stoddard and Bethie and Faith and 1/2 of the Jason Lopes Experience!

The food was also AMAZING, if that’s not obvious from Dom’s game face.

Maggie even got the Vineyard Sound to surprise the wedding couple! Fun fact: acapella is Matt’s favorite genre of music!

Did someone say ‘Zombie Jamboree’?? (It was us. We said it very loudly and very feverishly.)

Don’t worry, the happy couple did indeed go back-to-back, belly-to-belly. Technically this was their first dance as a married couple! 

Sam S. made everyone cry happy tears as the world’s best ring bearer.

Spoon and Fork: 2gether 4 ever <3

They did the limbo!

They sang opera!

They took their vows and then they took a plunge!

They were soon joined by a large chunk of friends.

Including Mike and Jojo!

Te, Shirley, Sam, Morgan, and a bunch of other friends ran in after them.

Skye decided to pass on the swimming and stick with a hug. 

Happy faces all night long…

Hey! Our gifts to Kelsey and Matt were cakes! 8 cakes, in fact, baked and decorated by each of the cabins!

Just look at that craftmanship. Did we mention we decorated these cakes!?

Spoon Peter was there! Missing you P.O.H.

Mr. & Mrs. Cosby, ladies and gents.

So basically every day at camp is crazy amazing but this was even crazy amazing-er and we’re not sure how we will ever top it. Thank you to Matt and Kelsey for sharing their special day with camp and congratulations!!! We love you both so much. Now we’re falling asleep to the sound of wedding bells and feeling so full of love…




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