A Stormy Spa Day

Hi friends! Welcome to the FIRST day of the second session! That’s right: today was the first change-over day of summer 2018. Today was a whirlwind of activities, emotions, and actual wind. We said goodbye to old friends…

But said “Hello” to some new!

Hi Jon!

Hi Holly!

Hi Morgan!

While some were riding the ferry, the rest of camp continued with our daily fun:

We had art class!

We did pottery!

Some of camp went to a WOODSHOP class!!

Puzzles were made….

…And the puzzles then puzzled Jojo.

During lunch, we caught up with our returning friends:

Sharon let us know how excited she was to be back. We’re excited you’re back too, Sharon!

Did you guys know that Leif works out now?!? Check out that muscle tone.

We were even blessed with a surprise rendition of Hannah Montana’s “Best of Both Worlds” by Morgan!

Stef is back! We missed you Stef!!

With the threat of a thunderstorm on the horizon, we decided to keep ourselves dry and relaxed with a SPA DAY in the studio!

Sue commandeered the massage trains.

Elise offered up her hair-braiding services.

Nails were painted…

Face masks were applied…



….was achieved.

The LARGEST of thanks to Sam Simcoe who coordinated the whole activity! We love you Sam!!!

We then immediately cancelled out any zen-ness we might have attained by loading ourselves up with some good ol’ Bobby B’s ice cream. Sorry Sam.

Look at this: a beautiful sky with a beautiful Skye.

We’re off to rest our singing voices, stretch our dancing legs, and get our beauty sleep in preparation for STUDIO NIGHT tomorrow!




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