Goats, Cheese, and Hair-y Potter

Goats, Cheese, and Hair-y Potter

Well hey there! How is it already Wednesday? Our week together is going by too quickly for our liking, but I guess time does fly when you’re having fun!

Soph got to ring the wake up bell this morning with Caitlin!

After we fueled up with breakfast sandwiches, we went to the Native Earth Teaching Farm to see our favorite Vineyard Farmer, Rebecca, play with goats, and visit other farm animal friends!

Rebecca sent us back to camp with a beautiful arrangement of edible flowers, herbs, and freshly grown veggies! Thank you for sharing with us!!!! Your farm is always a magical place for camp to visit.

We’ve introduced you to Boris, the 500 pound boar on the blog before, but here’s Boris’s pen-mate, Olive!

We visited our long-time goat friends, Tater Tot and French Fry.

And even made new goat friends. Michael is holding a goat named Dottie!

Rebecca shared a lesson about the herb of the day, catnip! We’re always learning new things at the farm!

When we got back to camp, Soph got to ring the bell a second time! This bell meant it was time for lunch!

After lunch we had a relaxing rest period and jumped right into afternoon classes. Unfortunately it was pouring rain all afternoon, but we made the most of being stuck inside with some AMAZING class options.

JLo got to meet Ronnie’s cat this afternoon!

Emmy hosted a charcuterie board class. Any class with food is guaranteed to be a hit at camp, and Emmy’s class was a home run!

As it turns out, Emmy actually launched a charcuterie board business based in California during the pandemic with massive success, so she’s quite the expert with meats, cheeses, and more! Follow her charcuterie board business’s instagram account @sophisticatedspreads!

Across the way in the art cabin, the B.A. Salon was back up and running with facials, haircuts, nail art, and hair dying!

Everyone was pampered at the B.A. Salon. Liv helped JLo with a hydrating facial.

Darcy helped Maggie dye Isabel’s hair blue!

Sofia assisted Soph with a charcoal detox facial.

Jethra got the hair cut she’s been waiting for all week!

Caitlin was an excellent hairdresser.

Look at Jethra’s new look! Beautiful!

Soph also worked on some nail and string art on the porch, inspired by her one true love: bubble gum!

Kim helped Michael work on his communication device. We are so lucky to have Kim around and we have loved hearing Michael share stories and updates with us on his device this week!

Lucy and Caitlin spent some time lounging on the porch this afternoon.

Michael, Susanna, and Milo got to ring the dinner bell this evening.

Our kitchen squad whipped up a delightful Mediterranean meal for us, including pita, falafel, spanakopita, chicken, and greek salad. Thank you Alan, Patty, David, and Jane!

After dinner, we set up a comfy space in the main cabin and began watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Kelsey and Avis were so excited that they dressed up in their Harry Potter-themed gear for the event.

We’re expecting another rainy day tomorrow. Bummer! But if it turns out anything like today, we won’t be complaining one bit! We love going to the beach with camp on a sunny day but we’re really just grateful for any kind of quality time spent together at our favorite place on Earth! See you soon!





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