Praise Be Cheezus

Hi friends,

Most of today was spend busily preparing for the play (Announcement to come!), but we managed to find time for fun.

Some of us had a ball playing tennis at the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club. We really fell in love with the sport. (Haha get it?? Tennis puns!)

Thanks to our instructors Brian, Paul, and Sebastian! They showed us the perfect tennis form, and we’re ready for the U.S. Open now. 

Hey guys, Skye and Kelsey have the same haircut! 

After a few games, we had lunch and awards! Myles BH and Faith won “Best Volley”, George and Matt won “Best Serve”, Juan won “Best Forehand” and Cathy won “Best Backhand”. Great job everyone!

Another group went on a tour of the Grey Barn! Apparently they produce award-winning cheese so we loaded ourselves up with a ridiculous amount of dairy. 

Harry’s mustache fascinated the cows.

A Ryno and a cow walk into a bar…

After rocking out to the songs of Al Decant, another group of us went to the The Barn for a fun afternoon of bowling, snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Jackie and Marie were so excited about a good roll that Jackie seemed to forget the rules of bowling: No feet over the line. SHOT DISQUALIFIED!

Holly demonstrated her perfect bowling form.

SeBESTa bowler ever showed us some unbeLIEFable rolls.

Time to rest up for a long day of singing, dancing, and following the three commandments of being a nun. Goodnight!




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