Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s an alpaca

The weather was being such a tease today- fluctuating between dark, ominous clouds and beautiful, sunny skies, but all the cabins were stir crazy and wanted to go galumphing around the island! Each cabin loaded up a vehicle and set off on a mini adventure- some went to the Island Alpaca Farm, others played arcade games, and almost everyone ended up getting coffee. It was great for cabins to really get to hang out with each other and have some fun, and by “fun” we mean sugar and caffeine.

The alpaca farm was a big hit! Even though Sophie was maybe a little dubious about the alpacas at first…

…but she warmed up to them and challenged the alpacas to an expressions battle. Little did the alpacas know, Sophie is a champion expressions-maker.

Sophie: 1 Alpacas: 0.

The whole crew got to share some up close and personal time with these alpacas, and learned a lot about our new four-legged furry friends! Thank you Island Alpaca for being such great hosts, we want to come back for some Alpaca yoga! Alpaca yoga is the new baby goat yoga, have you heard?

Remember our rub your face class from a couple days ago? Well Matt and Jake took it to the next level and not only rubbed their faces but SWAPPED THEIR FACES with the alpacas! It was weird, but we were into it. Luckily they switched back before we had to load up the vans, because man I bet it’s hard to put a seatbelt on an alpaca.

Meanwhile Momeraths had some petty cash burning a hole in their pockets, so they headed to Oak Bluffs to check out the arcade!

And after these high rollers raked in some tickets, they hit up a classic summer MV activity: the Flying Horses Carousel! 

Tulgeymamas got to welcome a new friend to camp- welcome Olivia!!!

Then they headed into Vineyard Haven for some celebratory snacks and to get to know each other a little better!

Since we only have so many vehicles, while half the camp was out and about, the other half got to participate in some classes! Madeline and Marybeth are BACK and were leading a wonderful art class where people got to decorate pillow cases while also tackling the very daunting task of organizing the art cabin!

A Star Wars pillow case Juan made and an epic Yoda quote he put on.

People were also painting rocks, hanging out in the main cabin, catching some zzzzs in the hammocks, and generally enjoying each other’s company!

In the evening we all regrouped as a camp, hugged all the people we missed when we were split up for the day, ate some spicy cheese (sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose) and then put on some comfy PJs and enjoyed a movie in the studio!

Tonight we don’t hear thunder and we don’t feel rain, so we are VERY excited to have our first big beach trip of 2018 tomorrow!! But first, sleep (under 40 layers of blankets because apparently even though it’s not raining it is somehow suddenly winter).

Stay cool, everyone.




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