Dancing with the Stars


The one and only Madeline Way came in early to cook us french toast, followed by our choice of three options for a morning activity.  Some people learned about farming and snuggled with goats at the Native Earth Teaching Farm!

Some people stood up for what they believed in and protested the separation of families at the border by attending a rally in Vineyard Haven!

… and some people just went to the beach.

When we all got back together for lunch, the goat and protest people were a lot more cultured and informed, and the beach people were a lot more tan and in some cases red (counselors).

Then it was time to get so fresh and so clean (clean) for our dates, find some beautiful outfits from either our suitcases or the costume cabin, and hop on our Jabberwocky private jet to head to HOLLYWOOD for our smash hit Jabberwocky prom!! 

Ryno and Olivia were the prom King and Queen, and they shared the last dance together to end yet another incredible Camp Jabberwocky prom!

We all limped back to our cabins because we’re just not as young as we used to be (except all the counselors who are still in high school), and we are excited about a day of movie watching and a Sharks baseball game tomorrow!!




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