Beasts, Bows & Arrows, Beaches, and Bonfires!

Last Saturday’s schedule was so nice, we did it twice! The Alpacas (Leo and Atticus) came back and hopped right out of their minivan to meet some new admirers, and Kristen loved both names so much she’ll probably need to flip a coin to see which alpaca she’ll name her new baby after.

The alpacas also took turns petting us, starting with Colin.

After all that ungulate excitement, we split up for a whole bunch of classes!

Captain Jack spent a good part of yesterday rescuing our boat from almost-sinking, thanks to an incredible marine repairman/rescuer/boat tower/hero who noticed that it was on the verge of entering Davy Jones’ locker! He got it all fixed up in time to take people for a ride and a swim today. The swim was planned, don’t worry.

While those pirates were adventuring on the open seas, we had a whole bunch of great land-based classes going on at Camp! Tony made a fire, and Isabelle helped everyone make banana-chocolate-marshmallow-granola-everything-delicious bowls to heat up and eat. Mike and Kennedy chatted on their bananaphones about whatever ap-peel-ed to them while they waited for the treats to be ready.

Turns out Mike STOLE an alpaca and got to take care of it for the rest of the morning until Island Alpaca realized what had happened… oh wait I guess he was just hanging out with Liza’s dog, Fenway.

Marcus is from Nebraska, and we don’t mean to stereotype but it seems as though everyone from Nebraska is extremely good at archery, so he taught a master class for a couple periods. Everyone did very well, including Santo who SPLIT AN ARROW WITH ANOTHER ARROW. That’s right, Jabberwocky finally has the army it needs in the event of a zombie apocalypse. We’re ready, guys.

Keagan led a dreamcatcher making class and an art class (which will probably also serve to keep zombies away), Harry taught people how to play Gaga ball (turns out that is NOT a Lady Gaga-themed dance party) and Kat taught another incredible session of yoga for us! Thank you, Kat!

We worked up an appetite after all these classes, so we chowed down on some delicious wraps from Isabelle, Keagan, Jonah (yay! Jonah’s back!) and Sam, and then spent the afternoon doing a few family activities, including tandem bike riding and walking into town. After that, we loaded up the Red Bus and headed to the beach for our LAST BEACH DAY OF THE SUMMER!

So many people got right into the water, while others played games, dug holes, and built castles on the beach.

Jake came and grilled us some incredible steak sandwiches, which the only two vegetarians ended up having to cut and serve, sorry ladies…

Then we had another fantastic bonfire, which included lots of s’mores, jokes, and snuggling to stay warm. Pippa also performed a beautiful dance for all of us as the sun set behind her!

Now we’re back home and tucked in under extra blankets because apparently it’s autumn. Can’t wait for whatever we do tomorrow!




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