Guess what?! It’s the sun!

THE SUN WAS FINALLY OUT TODAY!! We had big plans for the beach this afternoon, so in the morning we greeted the sun with some laughter yoga and a couple incredible classes! 

One of our brand new classes is a woodshop class, taught by South Mountain Construction! South Mountain is the company that will be renovating our Main Cabin this year to make it bigger, more environmentally friendly, and able to suit all of our needs! It’s a huge project and they have been working closely with us this entire past year to understand our needs and figure out what design would be best. 

A group went to South Mountain’s woodshop today because we decided it would be cheaper to just build the new Main Cabin ourselves. They decided that we would start with building some outdoor benches and then maybe in a couple weeks we would be ready to build our new screen porch and arched ceiling details.

Another group of people went to check out the new indoor horse ring that we will be riding in this summer! This ring has so much space to ride, and people can also head to the stables to brush the horses and feed them snacks! 

After all these classes, we took a quick rest and then loaded up the bus to finally head to the BEACH!!!!!

The first beach trip of the season was beautiful! The Keith family donated a brand new Paradise Pad to us, which is a big floaty rectangle that we can lay on, jump off of, and generally enjoy in the ocean! It’s a great new beach toy!

We grilled up some tasty burgers and stuffed our faces with some potato salad, then Rick and his drummers started up and we danced for both entertainment and to stay warm. Jordan was so thrilled with the whole evening that she tried her darndest to click her heels with joy! Boy did she give it a good try. 

It was a beautiful evening and we were thrilled to finally get to spend time in the sand and salt water together! We can’t wait for more beach days soon! Tomorrow, we are enjoying the salt water in two different ways- fishing on the Skipper and doing some sunset kayaking! Those of us less-sea-faring people (or more shopping-inclined people) are going to kick it in OB for dinner.

Can’t wait to tell you all about tomorrow!




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