Happy and Sad at the Same Time

Breakfast on the beach was the perfect start to our last full day at camp together. We woke up and put our bathing suits on under a few layers of clothes because it was a windy morning at our State Beach spot. 

We sipped our warm morning drink of choice (coffee, tea, or hot cocoa) along with Backdoor Donuts while the eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns were heating up over the grill.

Ophelia always wants to swim, so she braved the early morning chilly and wavy water before eating her breakfast.

The twins also wanted to go in the water before having their breakfast and Ophelia was happy to have more company in the water.

It started to drizzle a bit around 11:30am so we packed up and headed back to camp for showers, a light lunch, rest, and studio night prep!

George found a scary mask in the costume cabin and roamed around camp pranking and tricking everyone.

Oh! Our friend Allison is a licensed massage therapist and comes to camp each week to offer massages to anyone at camp that needs it! Patty received a relaxing massage in the yurt before dinner and studio night.

The first act of studio night was an ode to a great American city, Pittsburgh.

Moriah’s crew shouted fun facts about Pittsburgh while Wiz Kalifa’s “Black and Yellow” played in the background.

If you’re wondering, “Why Pittsburgh?” There is simply no reason.

The second studio night act was a wrestling competition between Camp’s reigning wrestling champion Ophelia, “The Boss,” and Daniel, “The Coffeemaker Big Smelly.”

The fight got pretty intense, and Daniel called in Scooby for backup.

Ultimately, the men were no match for Ophelia’s great strength and she took the big W in the match of the summer.

Heather and Stella reenacted a scene we all know and love from the Titanic for their studio night bit. They had the music and the pose just right!

The next studio night act featured Sean, James, and their backup dancers. The danced to the twins’ favorite song, “Banana, Banana, Meatball” and they dressed the part thanks to their crafty counselors!

Here’s Sean in his meatball costume…

And here’s James in his Banana suit….

Next up, the men of Momeraths performed an original song about JoJo finding them causing trouble all around camp to the tune of “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy. The audience was cackling with laughter. They really nailed it!

Ophelia and Zach had a rock music competition to determine who really loved rock and roll more.

They had the whole audience singing and dancing along.

This next act included a heated conversation that sounded like…

kfdsfns.JKFGBDD! uvbfnvdf. RE GODNG!!! FNGNNKLSJGB.

The actors and actresses stayed in character through all the gibberish. It was impressive and hilarious!

Sam W. brought Beauty and the Beast alive with “Be Our Guest.” It was magical! The act also featured Sam S., JoJo, Brynn, and Jordan.

These Momerath men usually have a month to be silly together at camp, but this year our sessions are shortened to accommodate smaller groups. That being said, they’ve successfully squeezed in a month’s worth of silliness into one short week. We’re not surprised in the slightest. They were completely silent for their next studio night act, but still made all of camp giggle.

Stella and Ophelia competed in gymnastics events. Stella kicked off the competition while Ophelia prepared her routine.

Ophelia came out and immediately Stella knew she was in trouble.

The judges gave Ophelia a straight 10 for her beautiful routine.

The women of Tum Tum graced us with a performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and really made our studio light up like a bright rainbow.

The final act of the night was a true circus, led by Pink the Dolly.

Things got pretty messy, and we want all of our readers to see the before shot…

Alex, Dolly, Kellen, and Cat clowned around and had a big fight over pies.

The fight ended in all 4 clowns getting pied in the face. Here’s the after shot!

The last day of camp is always a tough one. We are SO sad to say goodbye to our friends tomorrow. But at the same time, it is incredible to reflect on the amazing week we shared and all that we accomplished and experienced in this short time together. We’re happy and sad at the same time over here.

The blog will be back for Session 3, which starts in just two days! Until then, we’ll be cleaning camp and getting ready to have another great week with our friends.






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