Jabberwocky- had me a blast, Jabberwocky- happened so fast!

Well, the day we hoped would never come is here… this was the last full day of Camp for the summer. We definitely made the most of it, even though it was a little drizzly (downpour-y) this morning, and we have lots of great stories to tell you about today.

When we realized it was too rainy to be pirates on the open ocean today, we gave our friends at The Barn Bowl & Bistro a call and they generously offered to open early so Camp could have a couple hours of bowling! First, there was some pre-bowling stretching for those of us who have to be concerned about our hips, backs, and pretty much every joint in our body. The stretching paired nicely with some pre-bowling trash talking among siblings, parents, and friends, as well.

We weren’t sure if families were going to love the bowling… we kind of thought people would just enjoy the music and chicken fingers, but man oh man the gloves came off and the family competition was REAL and IMPRESSIVE.

Everyone had their own style for bowling. Some went with the classic put-the-correct-fingers-in-the-bowling-ball-and-release-at-an-appropriate-time method, while others attempted the newer Australian method of using two hands and sort of sliding from one side of the lane to the other. There was also some between-the-legs-granny-style bowling, some bowling balls being slid down the very nifty metal ramps, and a couple overhand shotput launches.

I’d say everyone was a winner, but that’s definitely not true because it’s bowling and the machines kept score automatically. There were a lot of losers. Still, we all had a blast dancing, bowling, eating, singing, and heckling new friends and family.

When we got back to Camp, we made sure to eat our daily recommended bacon provision, and then many of us partook in a wonderfully relaxing Restorative Sound Bath from a woman who has made many visits to Camp very graciously this summer. The sounds of bells carried gently outside the studio and towards the extremely picturesque Yurt, nestled between sleepy trees and bathed in dappled light. It was truly a still moment of quiet reflection.

…and inside the Yurt there was carnage.

A bunch of guys decided to opt for Restorative Blood Bath instead of Restorative Sound Bath, so they played some Gaga Ball in the Yurt, and between the laughter and the sound of a large rubber ball smacking someone in the face, it seemed as though everyone was having a great time.

There were also some people who decided to play some calmer games before dinner, including Clue, Battleship, Sorry, and Bingo.

In the evening, the parents ducked out to get to know each other a bit better over calamari and chocolate cake at the Seafood Shanty…

… while the rest of Camp got to know each other better by showing off some talents! There was a lot of singing, dancing, keyboard playing, and general merriment.

It feels like we say it has been the best summer every year, but I think that’s just because it always is. Every summer is the best summer, and every day is the best day when you’re at Camp Jabberwocky, because you’re at the best place on earth with the best people on earth. We are already planning for 2018, and we can’t wait to stay in touch with everyone during the year and count down the days with all of you! SEE YOU SOON WE PROMISE.




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