Round 2 of Family Camp!

We’re baaaaaack! Camp Jabberwocky has welcomed seven new families to Camp for a whole new session of Family Camp! We spent the morning getting ready for these incredible families, and thankfully Colin supervised to make sure we swept every ramp and played with every dinosaur.

Once Camp was looking spick-and-span, we were ready to meet our new friends!! We found (almost) everyone at the ferry, didn’t scare them away with our aggressive friendliness, and got on the boat! One dad was a straggler, but don’t worry, he’s safely at Camp now!

The weather today was perfect and not-too-sweaty, so we walked back to Camp, showed everyone their new cabin homes for the weekend, and gave some tours of Camp- people seemed most excited about our snacks and our hammocks.

Kristen and her family led ice-breakers in the Main Cabin so we could all get to know each other better. We learned that a lot of people enjoy Hawai’i, chocolate, and staying up late, but only the really cool people like Harry Potter and cats.

We also made Family Flags, where each family got to share with us some neat interests and fun facts about themselves! Now our flags are all proudly taped up in the Main Cabin.

There was a little down time between ice-breakers and dinner, because we figured people might be tired from a long day of travel and new friends. Boy were we wrong! There ended up being some intense board games, nail painting, and a costume dance party performance in the studio for the lucky people who decided to follow the lingering sounds of the Moana soundtrack across Camp. We’ve got some amazing dancers and performers this weekend, so we can’t wait to see what future performances we will have!

Of course, what’s a first day of Camp without a trip into Vineyard Haven for some ice cream?! Everyone demonstrated their own favorite ways to eat it, whether it was in a cup, in a cone, or from someone else’s cone!

It was also First Friday, so there were some shops open late, artists displaying work, and a concert in Owen Park. We walked back in the dark, full of sugar, meatloaf (THANK YOU, JAKE!), and happiness, and we can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and enjoy another frabjous day on the Vineyard!




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