Sun Safety Sunday!

Today marked the start of play practice, YAY! Lyrics were practiced, Madonna was sung, hips were gyrated: a very average camp morning.

In preparation for the tough few days that lead up to the play, we decided to get a jumpstart on our R&R with a pool party! The Bonomos’ family so kindly hosted all of camp at their lovely home! Thanks Bonomos’ family for the hospitality and also for providing the world with Jamie. 

There were even puppies!! Seriously, what more could we ask for?!

Hey guys, Tyler’s back! Hi Nursie!! We missed you and love you and are never letting you leave ever again, okay?

Shirley held court.

This picture is beautiful, yes; but the making of this picture is even more beautiful.

Despite their initial rocky start, Jojo was determined to make it work…

…even if it meant strangling the flamingo.

And now, for our loved ones’ peace of mind, here’s a little peek into what goes on BEHIND the scenes of a fancy pool party: SUN SAFETY!

Marie LOVES getting sunscreen applied! Look at that smile.

Leif endorsing the sun.

Don’t worry, we even get the ears! No sneaky sunburns here.

Julia showing off alternatives to sunscreen: shade!

After a quick shower and an early dinner, we headed down to Vineyard Haven to hang out (and eat way too much food) at the street fair!

Unfortunately there were no real alpacas this year, but David found the second best thing: a man in an alpaca suit!

It took Skye a minute to warm up to the Vineyard Vines mascot…

…but he did eventually (kind of).

The Sharks’ mascot was more his speed.

Now we head off to bed to pretend we haven’t made ourselves sick with street food. No one tell Jojo.




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