Alpaca-ing a lot of activitives into one day!

What DIDN’T we do today at Family Camp? We didn’t pet alpacas… oh wait we totally did. Then I guess we did it all!

After petting alpacas (we’re so important the alpacas come to US), we had a whole bunch of activities that people could sign up for. Some people weren’t scared of heights and went rock climbing!

Others weren’t scared of the open ocean and went on our Jabberboat.

And even more people weren’t scared of flying arrows and did archery!

Mason got a bullseye!

There was also a yoga class, dance class, photography class, and art class! Here’s some pics taken during the photography class, which also could have been called “look at how cute Mogli the puppy is” class:

After all those classes, we met back up as a group for lunch at Camp, followed by some more archery, or a restorative sound bath, quick bike ride, or a rest period before loading up and heading to the beach for a full afternoon and evening!

We hung out until the sunset swimming, eating a delicious dinner thanks to Jake, staying warm around a bonfire, cramming s’mores in our mouths, enjoying each other’s company, and burying our friends up to their necks.

Chef Jake is so cool he even has the perfect food-related outfits! Check out his pepper apron and BURGER SHOES WHAT.

Matt was more than willing to pose for the camera by eating a s’more to two…

Can’t wait to have even more adventures tomorrow! Spoiler alert: we’re going on a boat.




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