Cabin trips! Beach!! VINEYARD SOUND!!!!

Today was the day after the play, but we didn’t skip a beat by filling the day with cabin trips, the beach, and the Vineyard Sound! We are also very lucky to have some guest commentary from Scott today!

Scott: “First, [Slithy Toves] went to Humphrey’s to make our order, and then we went to Oak Bluffs to sit in the park and enjoy the peaceful day. I had the Gobbler sandwich and it was good. One of the best sandwiches there in my opinion. I had a really nice time at the park, it’s one of my favorite areas in Oak Bluffs.”

Jub Jub went to Aquinnah and climbed a lighthouse!

Bandersnatch went to Sharky’s!

And we went to the beach!

Scott: “I had fun with one of the counselors in the raft today at the beach. It was a gorgeous day for one of our last days at the beach.”

Scott: “In the evening, we sung with the Vineyard Sound and had a very nice time. My favorite song was named the -LY song. I got up with one of the Vineyard Sound guys and danced.”

Sue boogied down to “Runaway Sue”!

They performed our FAVORITE song, the Zombie Jamboree!

They became zombies….

They did the limbo!

They met the audience!

They played golf…

…and lost.

They rode a rollercoaster!

And threw up something blue? (Definitely not the chili though, thanks Jordan!)

We took a selfie!




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