Day 2, Sailing on the Ocean Blue

Day 2, Sailing on the Ocean Blue

We woke to the sound of the camp bell ringing through the grounds. Breakfast consisted of warm and fluffy pancakes, mixed with melted chocolate chips and fresh blueberries.

After filling our stomachs, we loaded the buses and headed toward Edgartown. There, some of us went on the Mad Max catamaran, a beautiful sailboat that took us around the surrounding harbor— this special treat was all thanks to our friends at the Dralla Foundation (thank you guys so much, we loved it!!!)

(Off we go!)

Those of us who did not ride the boat relaxed by the docks at Seafood Shanty and enjoyed a delectable assortment of local seafood.

Around noon, we concluded our mini sailing adventure and had a picnic with sandwiches and chips. Then, we went straight to the beach!

(Side note– check out Sarah’s catch of the day!)

The day came to a close with Pasta Night and freshly homemade double chocolatey coconut and caramel brownies (how lucky are we). Some of us enjoyed the film, Coco, in the studio, while others caught up with general unpacking and cabin organizing duties before heading off to bed.

We will hit the snooze button for now… see you all tomorrow!




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