A Rainy Monday

The week began today with some pretty cold and rainy weather, it changed some of our plans but in true Camp Jabberwocky fashion, we still had loads of fun all day long despite the rain! After a yummy pancake breakfast campers went to music class whilst counselors tidied cabins, then we headed to our classes for the day. There was dance in the studio, pet stick painting at the craft cabin and board games in the main cabin.

Following classes, we had a cozy rainy day lunch of sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Once our bellies were full everyone was feeling a little sleepy so we had a nice rest period and hung out in our cabins and around camp, then we got the treat of snacks and the phenomenal piece of cinematography that is Dirty Dancing.

However, the real treat today was going to the Shark’s baseball game where we watched our favorite team play while we had our dinner. It was pretty chilly outside, but too much fun was being had to notice!

We also had the amazing treat of meeting Bill Murray at the game! He took pictures with us and even gave Paul a twenty dollar bill for ice cream which is now being kept forever and never to be used.

Today was another great day at Camp Jabberwocky, to quote Alice in Wonderland yet again today – “Why sometimes I’ve believed of as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Today we woke up to weather that told us it would be impossible to have an amazingly fun day, but we did it anyway.




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