The Third ‘P’ (Pray)

♪ ♪ ♪ The play! The play! The play was yesterday! We worked all night and worked all day so you could watch us pray, hey! ♪ ♪ ♪

That’s right everyone, we wrapped up the third ‘P’ of the session on Saturday night! We spent hours in the studio over the past week perfecting our dance routines and making sure we weren’t too pitchy in preparation.

We continued our pre-play ritual of hiding out behind the main cabin to get our hair and make-up done:

The second show always requires large amounts of caffeine (RedBull if you’re reading this please sponsor us)

Morgan never breaks character before a show:

We had nuns:

LOTS of nuns…..

Too many nuns????

And now, a (very) brief synopsis of Sister Act!

A group of nerds hackers decide to steal the Hope Diamond from Sassy Sully’s casino, an IMPOSSIBLE feat considering all of the lasers to dodge, vaults to crack, and firewalls to hack.

However, no task is impossible for the Mad Hackers, and the diamond was (almost) successfully stolen: except the muscle of the group, the Terminator brothers, were caught when Deloris Van Partier (A.K.A Sue Harrington) left her sunglasses behind after the showgirls performed in the casino.

The showgirls were brought to this weird religious hippie camp, Camp Jesuswocky, as part of the Witness Protection Program. We met the camp nuns:

This is Mother Superior! She is H.N.I.C (Head Nun In Charge) at Camp Jesuswocky.Sister Maggie and Brother Sam are in charge of the kitchen…

…buuuuuuut they have a sweet tooth for the eucharist. 


Sister Faith and Mother Superior explained the 3 rules all nuns must follow: poverty, obedience, and chastity.

The showgirls were not pleased with the concept.

Sister Faith immediately hit it off with Brother Juan (A.K.A ONE OF THE TERMINATOR BROTHERS)…

…but don’t worry, Mother Superior was there to remind them of the third rule (chastity).

The Pope and his Bishops were there, enjoying a nice Martha’s Vineyard vacation: hanging out on the beach, taking out large amounts of cash to buy overpriced coffee… you know, the usual.

They also decided to swing by a car wash put on by our favorite group of street urchins/nuns/showgirls!

In fact, the Pope loved his squeaky clean PopesWagon so much that he decided to donate to Camp Jesuswocky so they didn’t have to shut down!

Brother Juan then decided to confess his feelings for Sister Faith (even though she is married to Jesus)!

Sister Faith was understandably very uncomfortable (she’s taken, Juan!)

But don’t worry, Mother Superior was there to smack some sense into him.

He still managed to serenade her.

Brother Juan then decided to confess his sins to Sister (again) that he is a wanted criminal and he had the Hope Diamond all along! Sister Faith was not pleased.

A very angry musical number ensued.

After the song, Sister Faith and Brother Juan reconciled. The Mad Hackers returned, only to be chased off by a large number of nuns. They probably wished they had their nunchucks!!!

And after our two final songs, play season was over! We send our greatest thanks to everyone who came and supported us. We will now rest and relax, since there are no other large events we have to prepare for… oh wait, except KELSEY AND MATT ARE GETTING MARRIED TONIGHT!!! Expect another large blog post in the near future.




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