More like a hole in FUN

Today was another doozy! And it was a big beautiful one! We started off with classes per usual. We did some pottery, some poster-making, some casual boxing, and the most relaxing restorative sound experience (it was so good that some people stayed for both periods!)

Then we had lunch and saddled up for the beach! Goodness, it was so beautiful that we tricked our lovely directors into letting us stay for a whole extra hour! We lounged, listened to music, worked on our tans, and even spent some time applying facemarks. 

Finally the powers that be dragged us back to camp where we showered, ate dinner, and loaded up once again to go to MINI GOLF. Our favorite almost-athletic excuse to eat ice cream! Every hole was a hole in one and we all came in under par. And no, we did not fudge the score cards. We are insulted at the implication. 

We rode our sugar highs back to camp and crashed right into our beds. Don’t worry about us though, we’ll bounce back with plenty more energy tomorrow!




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