Rainy day fun!

Our original plans for the day were slightly hindered by the downpour of rain Mother Nature decided to bless us with, but in true Jabberwocky style, we made do and still had fun.

We had an art class to make decorations for Burkle’s baby shower tomorrow!

Meet Jaterrica, our friend from Camp Looking Glass! She is already best friends with EVERYONE.

There was a writing class…

Wimblewocky preliminaries were held in the studio instead of on the blacktop…

Here are a few action shots to show off the fierce competition. Check out those game faces!

Chris Stoddard is here! Hi Chris! What Sam is totally unaware of in this picture is that Chris brought along a very special surprise…..


Sam hasn’t seen Emily in 10 months (yes, 10), as she’s been in Germany! Welcome back Emily!

Our annual picnic at the Wortman’s was rained out! We were all upset to miss it, but instead the Wortmans came to camp and cheered us up with their stories!

After a lovely nap and master class by Maggie, we showered, put on our dancing/acting/singing shoes, because it was STUDIO NIGHT!!!

Scott and Hannah performed a very fancy scream.

Myles I. sang along to The Lion King alongside some animal friends.

But everything went haywire when he was challenged by Scar to fight for his throne!

(But don’t worry, he won.)

Chloe and Patty sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Te surprised us all with some serious vocals. Go Te!

The ladies of Bandersnatch plus Jon wobbled for us.

The Tulgeymamas boogied down.

Sam won a “Eating in Style” contest, but there was no surprise there. Everything Sam does is done with the most style.

Kendra rocked out with Harry…

… And dropped it low.

Ryno serenaded us with the Beatles, joined by the Momeraths gang.

Sharon told a story about her Vineyard Sound prom date. He was hot.

There was a wrestling match between Alex and Keenan for the honor of being Sharon’s prom date. Alex won. Side note: this is the second prom date Keenan has lost….

But don’t cry too hard! Jaterrica snatched him up not too long after.

We heard a lovely acoustic rendition of Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz from the men of Jabberwocky. 

George threw a twist into the mix by singing ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ AND Queen!

Morgan blew us all away with her performance of ‘Let It Go’: dressed as Elsa, of course.

Adrianne was moved to tears.

And we finished off the night with a true classic: some sneaky pies to the face from Skye. Now we rest in preparation for our jam-packed day tomorrow.




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