Pirates, Parade Prep, Perfect cleanliness, and Perhaps a cabin trip?

Soooooo we’re not gonna lie- Sunday and Monday involved a good amount of cardboard, glitter, and trying not to burn ourselves with glue guns. It will be all worth it because the 4th of July Parade is going to be MAGNIFICENT and you should come to the Vineyard right this instant to cheer us on.

The good news is that we’re not monsters, and our attention spans are too short to finish projects in one sitting, so we took lots of breaks to do fun activities! Some of these activities included bike rides; cabin trips into OB, Edgartown, and Vineyard Haven; mini golf; and eating all of our favorite foods.

For those of you playing along at home, Happy Daze has a lot of significance for Camp Jabberwocky. Feel free to comment what it is… if you know!

There was also a cabin inspection that afternoon, which made sure that all cabin bathrooms were sufficiently bleached, all blankets were sufficiently folded, and all camp directors were sufficiently bribed.

This morning, we were all set to spring out of bed and go directly to our cardboard masterpieces, but unfortunately a group of us were TAKEN BY PIRATES in the wee hours of the morning! They turned out to be enthusiastic and wonderful pirates, not scary ones, and they welcomed our merry band of misfits into their pirate clan.

We got to search for treasure, fight a traitor with water cannons, and share some treasure and grog together!

After a successful morning of plundering and yelling “ARRRRR” as much as possible, we headed back to Camp to find a miraculous scene: costumes were in good shape, no one was panicking (visibly), and we had some clear plans for the evening! We celebrated by taking a break. Some of us couldn’t shake the pirate vibes and headed to the beach, while others rested up and took a short stroll into town for some coffee and conversation, including an open mic where Chloe performed the National Anthem!

We regrouped for dinner, which was a deeeeelicious chicken parmesan feast from Dan and Wallis (who also made STEAK yesterday and we can’t stop dreaming about it). We also had a combined July-birthday-fest for Faith, Caroline, Gabby, and Michelle, which included the biggest sheet cake we have ever seen.

Now some of us are resting up for THE BIG EVENT TOMORROW while others are duct taping costume pieces together and accidentally to themselves.

See you tomorrow! Be there or be square!




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