No One’s Raining On Our Parade

No One’s Raining On Our Parade


Welcome to SESSION 5!!!! We are already having the time of our lives over here, and it’s only the first day!

We met all of our friends over in Woods Hole first thing this morning.

This is Otis, Joey’s 12-week old Bernese mountain puppy. We love it when dogs greet our group at pick-up and we definitely considered bringing Otis to camp with us…but unfortunately he had to stay back on the mainland.

It was a rainy and cold boat ride, but everyone was sooooo excited to get to camp that we couldn’t stop smiling under our masks!

We pulled into Vineyard Haven and greeted our very fashionable friends with lots of hugs and dancing in the rain. There’s no reunion like a Jabberwocky reunion!!

After we settled into camp and had lunch, we learned how to play disc golf on the blacktop with our cool new friends John and Kelsey.

Chris is a real natural at disc golf! Look at his form!

Ava and Lucy too…they were rocking it!

We also got our tie dye on with our camp shirts!

Before dinner, we had a relaxing yoga session in the studio.

Others played games and lounged in the porch before dinner.

Lots of folks gave updates, sang songs, and told stories after dinner.

We had plans to go to West Chop for the sunset, but the weather was very uncooperative with our plans. Some still wanted to go despite the clouds and drizzle, so a small group took the short trip down the road to check it out.

Everyone who stayed back enjoyed fire-side ice cream and s’mores on the porch.

Have you ever seen someone so excited about ice cream sundaes?

The women of Tum Tum closed out the day with LOTS of long-overdue snuggle puddles.

Gosh, we did all of that in one short day? What else will we pack in this week? You’ll have to keep checking back in to find out!




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