Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Plays

Hi all,

The play is in 2 days! We hope you’re excited BECAUSE WE KNOW WE ARE!!

Look at Mike! Look at how excited he looks!! This is just a sneak peak of what you can expect on Friday and Saturday night. Expect to be dazzled by nuns, lasers, and a special visit from the pope.

We spent most of the day reading through lines, perfecting the script, and choreographing dances. After breakfast, we all went to music class where Mike yelled at the counselors for knowing our song lyrics about as well as we know how to fold fitted sheets (our fitted sheet section is a mess). After hours of reading through the script, we decided to take a break and camp split up to either visit the YMCA pool or go into town. Aaanndddd thennn…… More play practice!!! Our nun code of honor prohibits spoiling the play before it’s ready, so we have no photos to share from today.

However, the pictures from the photo booth at Faith’s 50th birthday party came in so please accept these in place:

Hey guys, DON’T WORRY: Kelsey is still getting married this Sunday!!!!
Who has two index fingers and is 50 years old?! THIS LADY

We will be in the studio all day tomorrow making sure that our play is frabjous (get it, our studio is named frabjous — ok, we’re all a bit tired, not all jokes can land).




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