Boats, Beach, & Donuts… It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than That!

Boats, Beach, & Donuts… It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than That!

Helloooooooo camp family!! You are in for a treat today! Somehow every day we wake up at camp and the activities get more and more exciting. Post-breakfast we hurried on to the red bus and headed over to Edgartown for a relaxing catamaran ride on the Mad Max.

Someone’s excited!!!!

While some decided to sit up on the deck of the boat, other brave campers, like Lucy, preferred being suspended over the water on a net!! 


Look at Phillip maxin’ and relaxin’!!!!!

Camp created an innovative solution to the wind/hat issue. As seen modeled by Wyatt, we tied bandanas to our heads in suuuuuper cute ways.



Can’t be 100% sure… but it looks like JLo and Zach seem to be recreating a scene from the Titanic.

Alex and Michael took a nice snooze on the boat.


After the boat we had built up quite the appetite. We sat near the dock and ate yummy sandwiches while enjoying a view of the Edgartown Harbor.


Have you ever seen a better photo in your life?! Michael Parsons in funky sunglasses? Can’t get any better than that!

Darcy was stylish per usual in her tie-dye and sparkly Red Sox hat!


Despite spending most of the morning on the water, a big group of camp DEMANDED a beach day. The weather was pretty perfect so we absolutely had to go.

Camp loves finding a variety of methods to float in the ocean. Some were feeling the paddle boards, others the paradise pad, and Sofie even went for riding on a lobster!

Hannah says the paddle board is a hit!!!

Darcy tried out the paddleboard AND paradise pad for the very first time and had a blast!

Floating in the ocean is fun, but Lucy, Maggie, and Jenna found it was the perfect time for a nap on the beach!!! Just looking at this photo is making me sleepy.

Back at camp, Jethra held down the fort at Arts&Crafts. She got really into paint-by-number art work.

Can you guess who created the artwork below??? Picasso… Salvador Dali…. Monet…. no!!! It was our very own camp friend Jethra!! Jethra got so busy creating art today that there was enough to create her own gallery!!!

Let’s take a pause from today’s update to just appreciate Sofie’s cowboy boots.

After a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, we headed out around camp to see the BEAUTIFUL hanging lanterns made by our friends!


The gorgeous lanterns lit our way as we strolled towards a delicious smell coming from the main cabin…

**sniff sniff**… it was our very own selection of BACKDOOR DONUTS!!!!! Hip hip hooray!

We all slept so well with our bellies full of donuts! Yum!


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