Classes, Cookouts and Comedy

Tuesday started at Camp Jabberwocky with a great breakfast and then music class, but the real treat of the morning was the classes we got to go to. There was mask painting at the art cabin for the masquerade ball on Saturday, laughing yoga with Tony and archery with Robin Hood (Alex).

After classes, we had pizza bagels, breadsticks, and salad for lunch – it was super good. Then we rested up and loaded up the bus to head to the beach for a cookout! It was slightly freezing outside but we bundled up and a few crazy people actually got into the water!

We had dinner on the beach – cookout style with hamburgers and hot dogs, smores were had as well (YUM). When we got back to camp we got showered and clean and then headed to the studio for some super funny improv.

Tuesday was a great day and we can’t wait for Wednesday! We can’t wait to show you what adventures we get into tomorrow.



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  1. Michael parsons
    July 26, 2017

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