Third Time’s The Charm

HEYYYYY! We’re back for week #3 here at Camp Jabberwocky!!! Wahoo!!!

If you’ve been following along on the blog for the first two weeks, you may have started to notice a pattern…our weekly calendar pretty much repeats each session with new groups.

This week we have a slightly smaller, but mighty fun crew with us and we’re excited to have you along for the ride to see what we are up to!

We met our crew in Woods Hole and once again, got this nice set up brought to us by the Steamship Authority – private luggage cart included!

Kendra was the first arrival in Woods Hole, so she got to spend some extra time with Brynn, Sully, and Kellen while they waited for everyone else to arrive.

It was a beautiful, sunny boat ride over to Vineyard Haven.

Our crew met us at the dock in their wacky costumes for SO. MANY. HUGS.

Today was Selby’s birthday!!!! We celebrated with cupcakes at lunch. Selby – camp loves you SO MUCH and we’re glad to have this special day with you each year.

For our afternoon activity, we tie dyed our camp shirts on the blacktop!

Zach has ambitiously challenged everyone at camp to arm wrestle him this week, and so far, he’s undefeated.

We loved having Robin (Elke’s mom) and Hannah here to help us tie dye today!

Kendra made special dinner plans with Zach and made very specific costume requests for their first of many shared meals this week.

After dinner, we packed up the red bus and drove over to West Chop for the sunset and ice cream sundaes.

We had a similar issue to last week where the sun was barely peeking out of the clouds, so we acted out our own sunset in one big circle.

After a rainy, lonely weekend we welcomed our friends and nice weather back to camp today today and we’re so excited for the adventures we’ll have together this week.




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