It Was a Bad Day To Be a Fish

Today was an extraordinary day at Camp Jabberwocky and we are so excited to tell you all about it!

Camp headed up island this morning to one of our favorite places, Native Earth Teaching Farm.

We were greeted by Rebecca and Yohan Sebastian Bach, one of the goats.

Chickens, roosters, and ducks roam the farm and Rebecca gave us a history lesson on how they first arrived on the island. Kellen wanted to stay at the farm so she pretended to be a chicken to blend in. 

Rebecca introduced us to two more goats, Tater Tot and French Fry. They were so friendly and reminded us of some of our favorite foods. 

Goats can be really ticklish!

We reunited with Boris the Boar, who is nearly 500 pounds and often competes (and wins) in the local fair. 

We also got to pick mulberries from the trees and snack on them! They were so juicy and delicious and got all over our faces. 

It looks like some of the goats wanted to join us back at camp!

We are so lucky to have someone like Rebecca in our camp family. Rebecca is welcoming our crew back to Native Earth Teaching Farm weekly so stay tuned for more farm adventures!!

After a round of tick checks, a delicious lunch, and much needed rest period, Kellen led a session of laughter yoga in the studio.

Even though we share spontaneous laughter together so often throughout the day at camp, intentional laughter combined with physical movement has so many benefits for bodies and minds. Rest period spilled over into the shavasana portion of the yoga class. Our days are so busy and we can always use a bit more rest when we can squeeze it in!

Next up, camp headed to Oak Bluffs to hop on board the Skipper for dinner and a fishing trip.

Everyone on board caught at least one fish!

Shirley caught 6 fish!!!

Desiree and Matt L. stayed back and held down the fort at camp. Matt got to ring the dinner bell for the small group take-out dinner.

When everyone gathered back at camp, Kellen and Daniel served ice cream and milkshakes to close out the day.

We are so sad that tomorrow is our last full day of camp for this session, but we’re reminding ourselves how lucky we are that we get to do fun things all day long with our very best friends. Check back in tomorrow, we have BIG plans for the rainy day we’re expecting!!




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