Welcome to Camp JabberWebby!

Helloooooooooooo friends!

Everything sure is weird right now, huh! Thankfully at Jabberwocky, we love love love weird. We also love dance parties, each other’s faces, and making up songs about Brie hurting her foot. So, needless to say, we’ve taken this opportunity to make it so we can all get a weekly dose of dancing, smiling, and singing about Brie’s foot!

“But anonymous Camp blogger, how is that even possible if you are all so far away from one another??” you might be thinking.

WELL, Tim’s mom or another mom or whoever may be asking that, let me tell you!

We launched something called Camp JabberWebby about a month ago!

“Camp JabberWebby? What is that? Is that logo supposed to be pixelated??”

YES mom it IS supposed to be pixelated! Camp JabberWebby is what we are calling all these online hangouts and activities we are offering over an app called Zoom.

“Oh how high-tech and relevant of you! Please tell me more! And show pictures!”

Well, as a wise man (Hunter S Thompson) once said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. SO, when this scary virus sent everyone inside and onto our computers (weird) we decided to launch Camp JabberWebby (PRO)!

We have had about 3 activities a week for Camp JabberWebby, including session check-ins, Disney trivia, pet happy hour, baking classes, dance parties, yoga, and even a couple Studio Nights! Coming up are some art classes, perhaps a joke-telling class led by Marianne, and some special concerts and movie nights!

Here are a few photos from activities, as seen through a very dirty laptop screen and a very messy desktop (I need a virtual cabin inspection for my computer)

We send out a weekly calendar and people are able to attend however many activities they would like! Most have about 25-35 people, and the bigger events have had about 70!! We switch up the days and times to try to make it so anyone who wants to can come to at least one a week, even if they have full days or nights.

“That sure sounds great, how can I be a part of these Camp JabberWebby Zooming thingies?”

Camp JabberWebby has been a wonderful way to connect with one another and share some joy and friendship! It is currently just for our Camp Family to get together on the World Wide Wabe and see one another and connect, but hey! It’s only a month old! So we have a lot of room to grow and change and make it even bigger and better and maybe even include friends and family beyond our immediate Camp family!

If you have an idea for an activity you’d like to lead or would like to be involved in Camp JabberWebby OR you are CURRENTLY a member of Camp Jabberwocky and have somehow not seen a single e-mail, Instagram pic, Facebook post, or text about this and you’d like to be included, please reach out through our website, facebook, or email!

We love you and we miss you!!



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