Clap along if you know what happiness is to you

When Pharrell wrote “Happy”, he must have visited Camp Jabberwocky for his inspiration. It’s weird, though, because we don’t remember meeting him at all nor do we have any photos of him, but maybe he was just hiding in the yurt or something so we didn’t make him mop the floors or clean the bathrooms.

Anyway, thanks to Pharrell for writing a song all about Camp, and thanks to Alex for reminding us that it should be our theme song this weekend (and always).

So much of our happiness today came from sunny trips together! We had two big ways to hang out and spend time with each other this morning. One group snuggled up on the Mad Max and felt the ocean breeze in their luscious locks:

And another group got to spy on the Mad Max group from the air as they were treated to clear skies in the biplanes!

Alex and Martin brought some reading material while they waited their turns. Don’t be fooled, Martin made Alex trade books with him right before this photo so no one would know Martin was reading the latest installment of the Captain Underpants series.

We all were a little late too lunch because of all the fun we were having, then we spent some time shopping in Edgartown and perhaps getting our first of two or more ice creams today…

Once we got back to Camp, there was just enough time to shower, take a quick rest, bike around camp, or hop on the swing before Jack and Liza parent-napped the adults and left everyone under the age of 11 in charge for Kids Night In! We stuffed our faces with pizza and ice cream, sometimes deciding that spoons would only get in the way of optimal ice cream delivery.

Check out this rookie who didn’t even make it to dessert:

Everyone who DIDN’T pass out sitting up at dinner got to go dive headfirst into the costume cabin and get their act together (literally) for our FamCamp Studio Night! We laughed, we cried (mainly from laughing and/or delerium), we played piano, we sang songs from the Descendants, we found out what the Descendants are, we learned about Nascar, and we got to have a big Pharrell dance party to cap it all off!

The parents meanwhile were having a delightful meal at Noman’s and probably talking all about how cool we are and how lucky they all are to know us and/or raise us. I guess it goes both ways, because we’re super lucky that we know them and/or are raised by them.

While we’re talking about feelings, tomorrow is the final day of Camp Jabberwocky for this summer, and boy do we have a lot of feelings about that. It has been a summer full of magic, and every person who has been at Camp has added their own ingredient to Jabberwocky that makes it so wonderful. It truly is our lucky lives that we get to share these experiences with each other, and we are so grateful for these moments and just the happiest to be here. Thank you everyone for such an incredible summer, we can’t wait to do it again.




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