Pizza, Painting, and Pretty Lanterns!

What a glorious day we had today! Some of us woke up a bit early to eat breakfast at the Black Dog Tavern. The rest of us ate breakfast pizza at camp!

For our classes today, we had the option for rock painting, picking Camp Jabberwocky wild grown huckleberries and blackberries, and acrylic pour canvas painting. Check out our awesome master pieces!

Lunch was great, as always! Afterwards, some of us headed to the beach! Others went into town. Some of us hung out at camp. Either way, we always make a great time out of it!

Dinner was gourmet mac & cheese! (Catered to all of our dietary needs, thanks to our awesome chefs!) Tonight was illumination night! We went to Oak Bluffs to see all the pretty lanterns.

It was a late night, but we get to sleep in tomorrow! Catch up with us at the end of another exciting day tomorrow!




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