Props and Rehearsal and Lines and Sets Sunday

Today is a day shrouded in mostly mystery as far as you all are concerned. What did we do for classes? PLAY STUFF. What don’t you get to hear about? PLAY STUFF. (Until Tuesday, August 6th, that is)

We did go to the beach, which is an experience you all probably do not know much about, so let us show you it via these GREAT PICTURES.  Then, after dinner, what do you think we did? If you guessed “PRACTICE FOR THE PLAY,” you would be correct!!! And guess what we will not tell you about… Us, PRACTICING FOR THE PLAY. (But you can see it on TUESDAY, AUGUST 6 at 7 PM at 200 GREENWOOD AVE.)

We are all going to be dreaming of all the ice cream we will eat at the ICE CREAM SOCIAL on TUESDAY, AUGUST 6 after OUR PLAY at 200 GREENWOOD AVE.

Sweet dreams!




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