Day 4: Alpacas, Pirates, Brie’s Baby Shower, and more!

Day 4: Alpacas, Pirates, Brie’s Baby Shower, and more!

This morning, we found ourselves in the embrace of two lovely alpacas: Leonardo and Lexington! The two brothers decided to stop by the campsite to celebrate Leonardo’s birthday with us and we were overjoyed to meet them:

Meanwhile, half of camp was sailing away on a pirate ship out in the sea:

The other half of us stayed at camp and took part in our regular music class. After singing our hearts out, we stayed in the studio for a sound bath followed by yoga class, which both gave us a relaxing (and very much needed) stretch.

When the clock struck 12 for lunch, the entire camp met in the main cabin for a crazy nacho feast; our plates cleared so fast! Then, it was time to get ready for the beach! The afternoon presented the perfect amount of sun to support such an undertaking:

In the evening, we surprised Brie with a baby shower! We combined the baby shower with our traditional “cabin challenge” activity and everyone shared a good laugh as well as some cupcakes and candy:

(side note– if some of us look like we are crying, that’s because we were competing to see which cabin could create the best example of a baby’s cry!)

What a fun day! Thanks for reading 🙂




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