Three Days Till Play

You would think people three days from performing a legendary musicale would be stressed, pacing camp like a couple of washed up rock stars before a reunion tour.

Well, you would be wrong.

Today did bring rehearsal, but it also brought horseback riding, boating, archery…and that’s not all!

Looks like Popcorn the miniature horse wants to live with Scott. Are you ready for a new pet, Mr. and Mrs. Scherer? 

Marie told Deborah to “walk on” and “whoa”!

Thank you N.E.D.S. for the golfing and archery!

Look out for Oceans 203, coming Summer 2021

And all this was in the morning alone! After lunch and a run through of our play, we packed up all of our vehicles to enjoy drumming, yoga, and paddle boarding on the beach. Thank you Gnome Surf and Rick Bausman’s crew!

Thank you Sam Wood and Jack for making shore nobody drowned OR got eaten by a shark.

Tomorrow promises to bring more swimming, rehearsal, and time in the best place on Earth.




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