Celtics Folly!

We know it’s the middle of winter, but our Camp Jabberwocky family just couldn’t stand it anymore and had to see each other as soon as possible and scream a lot and dance and eat pizza! But first we had to think of a place where we could all scream, dance, AND eat pizza… Thankfully, The Boston Celtics were super accommodating and invited us to come to a game and do all three of those activities, plus we got to watch a basketball game!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped organize this super fun folly, especially Wyc and Wendy and Celtics-Sully and Shannon and Lily and Pun and Tyler and Kelly! It’s always a highlight of our winter!

While we were all having fun, some parents/friends/caretakers/relatives/board members hung out across the street and had some snacks to watch the game and share stories! If you are interested in joining our Jabberwocky Family Network, please reach out and we will add you to the Facebook group so you can eat snacks with us, too!

Yay, it is always so great to see our Camp Family!! <3

We hope to get together more before Camp starts, but in the meantime if any camp-friends want to get together in their towns (sorry we’re usually so Boston-centric) e-mail Kelsey and Liza and we can help you organize your own folly!!




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